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Braham Community VBS! Aug. 10-17th
Days 1 and 2 Video!


Girls: $15.00

Boys: $10.00

TOTAL: $25.00

Mission Offering -Braham VBS

This week's mission offering is going to help missionary Lupe Soto and the Maneadero Christian Learning Center in the Ensenada, Mexico area. The McAvoys work closely with Lupe and other ministries in this area, and will be going down there in 3 weeks to complete an addition to this school. This school functions to help "the least of these" who otherwise would not be able to attend school at all, as well as help meet other spiritual and physical needs to those families.  Lupe is funded completely by those willing to support her - and she sacrifices with great joy to minister to the people!  Join us in encouraging her!

Our Redeemer - Pine City, MN
Aug 4-10

Video for Days 1-3 Below!


Shepherd of Peace, Sgt Bluff, IA
July 27-Aug 3

Week in Review - Shepherd of Peace, Sgt Bluff, IA

Day 3 Video

Day 2 Video

Day 1 Video!

Week 2 (June 23-29)

Good Shepherd,  Tehachapi, CA!

VIDEO of the day below

Week 1 (June 16-22)

St. Paul's Holtville, CA!

VIDEO of the day below!

Day 4

Fun and praises at closing time!

Mission Offering UPDATE Holtville (Day 4)!!

Boys:   $249.32

Girls:   $271.512

TOTAL: $520.44

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Dr. Bagel flew in from Germany for a little experiment...the point - have to read ALL of the Bible, not just one part of it, to understand and know God!

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