Little Nate is writing a book and he needs YOU to help with the illustrations (the pics/drawings for each page)!  Check back often to see what new pages are here. Then YOU draw a picture to go with it, and we will choose one for each page by the end of the summer, and then upload the book as a PDF right on this site! Every page needs a picture.  Look to the right side for instructions on how to send us your pictures you draw!

Page 1:

Hello, my name is Little Nate. 

I want to tell you a story. 

It's about Jesus is with us all the time.

I''m even going to make it rhyme. 

Page 2

One time i was riding my bike
I don't need training wheels
Cause I'm a really big big boy
And so that's the deal

Page 3:

I drived around the corner
To see whats over there
It was so so so so scary
But it was not even a bear

Page 4:

I never even saw it              
It ran into the woods
I think it was a scary monster
That was not very goods
(Cause that rhymes)

To submit a drawing/picture/graphic for Little Nate's book:

Scan your paper and email OR

Take picture of your paper OR
Create it on computer


email it to [email protected] and we will confirm we received it within 24 hours!  If you have questions, also email anytime. Now...get CREATING!!